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Bogdan17   registered to Bad Co
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Kellis-Amberlee and BaconOnThat registered to Bad Co
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BaconOnThat   Thanks, all! We're glad to be here.
Jen Lin   registered to Bad Co
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Piney   Welcome aboard!
Kitzi   created a new thread Gaming Currency in the General Discussion forum
Itard   created a new thread Um...... in the General Discussion forum
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Piney   Thanks Nin!
PineyHarbinger is down ... apparently gear and items were disappearing from players inventory, cargo hold, and legacy holds. Saw several posts about folks loosing legacy gear sets, pieces from cxp boxes, and cartel crates ... wtf bioware
Trixie   Wow, never seen it offline this late in the day since launch! Even in beta it was only ever offline this late for minutes, never hours
Piney   Apparently back up as of a couple minutes ago
PineyReminder - There was an update last night. Please log in a little early to allow time for patching.
Trixie   As long as it's been down already it might be a big assumption it'll be back up by tomorrow night
Piney   Damn!
Trixie   Will you look at that, someone managed to hit the power button on the server before the close of business! :)
rchii   registered to Bad Co
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Piney   Welcome aboard!
TrixieDon't forget: It's PATCH DAY! Logon to the launcher early so you can patch and be ready to raid on time
KallisteA few interesting points here...
Game Update 5.2 | Star Wars: The Old Republic
Official site. BioWare and LucasArts bring you the next evolution in MMO Gameplay: Story.
nubsauceI'm going to stop playing for the short term, and probably for the long term as well. I apologize for any inconvenience, and thanks for letting me join for the short time I have.
Trixie   Well that's unfortunate, but with the current state of the game and the potential for life to get in the way it's certainly understandable. Just remember that when you return you have a group of people here who will welcome you back with open arms.
Zahaz   When am I getting welcomed back with open arms????
Trixie   Zahaz, hanging out and trolling everyone means you never really left, so no, you're not being welcomed back with open arms.
Aowynne   created a new thread So this is where Piney got one of his toon names fr... in the General Discussion forum
Piney   The maturity that comes with being the second oldest active member of the guild
Zahaz   At this point I'm looking forward to the day when I can say whatever I want and people just laugh it off cause I'm that old
Kalliste   That day HAS come already...
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