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Bad Co  -  A Star Wars: The Old Republic guild located on The Harbinger (US) server.
Reminder of event The Eternity Vault on 2018-02-22
8 The Eternity Vault (Normal)
Reminder of event TOS HM on 2018-02-21 09:30:00 pm
Aowynne   added 90 Advanced days to Bad Co
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Kalliste   Thank you Aowyn!
TrixieHappy New Year!
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Aowynne   Yes, Happy New Year everyone!!!!
KallisteGods of The Machine
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Aowynne   created a new thread Instructions on how to recover your character specif... in the SWTOR forum
PineyUpdated maintenance end time ... 7PM pacific. Doh!
Trixie   Tonight looks like a bust. Already 8 hours late getting servers up
Piney   Lol ... no ETA for North America
Trixie   Well, finally online!
Kan   registered to Bad Co
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Aowynne   Welcome!
KallisteWant another free speeder? Code KOTORSPEEDER
Kalliste   I can't wait for Piney's comments once he notices that we had already been offered that speeder, and already have it :)
Piney   Grrrrr
Trixie   Wow, mine were a lot more colorful than Piney's!
Skeld   added 90 Advanced days to Bad Co
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Piney   Thanks Skeld!
grishrl Tahndi   created a new thread Hey folks in the General Discussion forum
TrixieStill no forced evac, and they're being stubborn, hoping this doesn't lead to bad things! Best time to leave is always early when it comes to fire. Based on the maps this covers more area than the other wine country fires, but still only the potential to become as destructive as what we saw in Santa Rosa on Monday. Here's to hoping it doesn't reach that potential!
M   Stay safe.
KallisteNY Cantina code: NYCANTINA17
Reward: Korrealis Viceroy
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KallisteM, Come back and play with us!
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Kitzi   What Kal said!
M   I saw there is a new operation, so I might, if I can work it into my schedule. On a side note, I have tons of old cartel items for the guild to sell. Some of which I'm guessing will sell for quite a bit due to their rarity. I'll pop on an hand them over when I get a chance.
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